Monday, September 04, 2006

it's come to my attention that my last post may have sounded a

just so you know, i am FINE. peachy even. i'm just in another place, is all.

and no, i'm not talking about somewhere beyond the veil, or something as equally not-quite-here-in-a-physical-sense kinda way.

chillax. ;)

Thursday, August 31, 2006


it's still me, you know. it's still chuck.

except that i'm not here any more.

i'm somewhere else.

i've gone away.

don't ask me if i'll be back. i'd like to say yes, i will, but i hate making promises i can't (or don't intend to) keep (not to say i don't ever - i just hate doing so, is all), so i'm not going there.

well, of COURSE i had a reason for leaving. don't i always?

you be good now.

...and it's okay if you had to go away just remember the telephone works any both ways but if i never ever hear it ring if nothing else i'll think the bells inside have finally found you someone else and that's okay...

oh, and by the way.

there's email too, you know. drop me a line. i'll tell you all about it. that is, if i haven't already.